Why Have a Monitored Alarm

A monitored burglar alarm security system provides true peace of mind in today’s difficult times. Crime in South Florida is increasing everywhere. Many of us really don’t realize most home burglaries happen during the daylight hours, while the majority of us are out of our homes, busy with our daily routine, such as working, shopping, picking up children from school, etc. Thieves know this! They WILL break into your home in a matter of seconds through doors, windows, or any other point of entry they can create. Once inside, they steal your cash, jewelry, laptops, electronics, checkbook, credit cards, weapon’s, personal collections (such as a stamp or coin collection), spare keys, prescription drugs, and anything else they can grab that has value. These individuals also let beloved pets out, or sometimes harm them. Worst yet, what if a family member is home (possibly you have a child, baby, or elderly grandparent living with you) or a member(s) of the household is just walking into the home during the intrusion … unthinkable and dangerous!

Routine home invasions in South Florida are on the rise … with deadly results! It is sickening to come home and find your home has been ransacked by thieves. Moreover, there will be the need to repair the point of entry. You will need to call and meet with the police and your insurance company to report the missing items including banking paperwork, credit card(s), social security identification, driver’s license information, and complete many forms regarding your missing property. Just completing this paperwork can be a frustrating experience. An invasion of your home, resulting in items being taken can cause great emotional stress to all family members when they realize strangers (thieves) were going through their personal property. It’s very scary! Take a minute to check out recent crimes in your neighborhood by entering your zip code in South Florida on the following website: www.crimereports.com. Don’t become a statistic! Protect your family and property with a CERTIFIED ALARM TECHNICIANS INC. monitored burglar alarm security system!

Why not enjoy worry free nights with a CERTIFIED ALARM TECHNICIANS INC. monitored burglar alarm security system. Most intrusions occur after work hours or on the weekends when the property is unattended. Take advantage of the increased benefits of peace of mind in your place of business with a CERTIFIED ALARM TECHNICIANS INC. monitored burglar alarm security system.

CERTIFIED ALARM TECHNICIANS INC. has affordable answers. Call today at 866-966-0000 or click here to have one of our Security Consultants show you how, with a FREE, no obligation, on-site security evaluation. CERTIFIED ALARM TECHNICIANS INC. can show you many ways to have an inexpensive, easy to use, monitored burglar alarm security system that will give you “SECURITY TODAY FOR A SAFER TOMORROW”.

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